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Team Building

First-Responder Apprecation Day

Free event for all first responders on  September 24th.

Calling All First-Responders

Let us treat you and your family to a day filled with great food and fun on our Treetop Adventure Course on Lake Hickory.  Spots are limited so sign up today.  You can swim on the lake and sign up to do one of our adventure courses. We will provide food and drinks as well.  You can come before your scheduled time and stay after to enjoy the lake and the food.

Saturday, September 24th from 10am - 5pm

Click the button below to book your time slot on the adventure course.  We are currently doing sign-ups for the August 14th date.

You must have ID to prove you are a first responder

The Free Courses You Can Sign up for

Youth Expedition 1.jpg

Kids Expedition 1

Seeing your kids smile and laugh with you in the treetops is one of our greatest joys. This course takes your child through 17 exciting games; (15 bridges and 2 zips. It’s guaranteed fun - with secure gear - all in one adventure!

Requirements: Must be 5 years+ of age - Minimum vertical reach of 46" when standing flat footed.


Maximum height: 60"

Maximum weight: 180 lbs

Treetop Challenge.jpg

Treetop Challenge Course

This adventure includes the Explorer & the Navigator Adventure Courses! You will experience 32 Aerial Games + assorted ziplines in the treetops (26 bridges and 6 zips). Typically, this course takes 60-70 minutes to complete.


Requirements: Must be 10 years+ of age


Minimum Vertical Reach: 60"

Maximum weight: 280 lbs.

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